Supplying the trade

Tayside Forestry is committed to supplying the highest quality trees to the trade.

Christmas 2019 saw over 80,000 trees harvested and over 95% of these were sold to wholesale customers throughout the UK. We have experience in fulfilling orders above 30,000 trees but equally value business from small independent companies.

When buying from Tayside Forestry, rather than an independent wholesaler your trees will come straight from the plantation at affordable prices. Whether your order will fill an artic lorry or is a small van load, we guarantee you fresh, well-shaped trees. Our strict criteria for selection allow for proportionate leaders without excessive length.

Rows of Christmas Trees loaded into trollys


Large lorry filled with Christmas trees

Cut & Container Grown Trees

Most of our trees are dispatched on standard Christmas Tree pallets, using the Danish-built Compactree system. This allows for 80 -180 trees to be packed on one pallet, depending on size and species. Ten pallets make a standard load for a 45-foot articulated lorry.

Container Grown Trees can be packed in a similar way. Thirteen pallets would make a load. We also now have the facility to dispatch trees on Danish trolleys, as shown in the photo. 36 trolleys make up a standard load.

Book a Visit

See for yourself the quality of our Trees

Buying direct from the grower means that you can come and see the quality of trees for yourself.
To book a visit to Templeton Christmas Tree Farm, or to discuss your requirements for Christmas 2023 or Christmas 2024, please give us a call on: 01382 581521 or email

We would be delighted to hear from you.
Please note for wholesale enquiries you are best to speak with us during the first half of the year as we tend to have sold out by September. We may still have limited availability so it’s always worth giving us a call